Power Your Infrastructure

C7 has robust power delivery technology that can handle the most intensive power requirements.

With the advances of technology, data infrastructure environments are becoming more dense and power intensive. Whether you’re a 10kW single cabinet customer or a 10 MW deployment, C7 can deliver the power and required cooling capacity to keep your hardware operating at ideal temperatures.

C7 envisions power density requirements to be as high as 100kW per cabinet in the not-so-distant future, and has designed it’s data centers to hyperscale to accommodate demand beyond current foreseeable requirements.

  • N+1 redundant power delivery infrastructure
  • Battery and Generator backup
  • Power is scrubbed before entering data center floor
  • A & B legs of power available for each cabinet
  • Single leg of power to cabinet option
  • Current intensive power densities include 8 x 208v 30A PDUs per cabinet
  • Can support an avg 21.6kW per cabinet over hundreds of cabinets
  • Can support 10kW to 10MW deployments
  • Low power cost and disaster safe zone
  • Strict schedule of preventative maintenance and operational checks
  • True grounding throughout the data center delivered to each cabinet
  • Power monitoring and usage history available through online customer portal


We are pleased to partner with such a high-caliber and well managed data center provider to offer our customers a state of the art data center facility that delivers high performance, availability, as well as excellent security and reliability.

Jeff Hunsaker, President UK2 Group U.S. Operations