World Class Facilities For Your Data

C7 specializes in hosting data infrastructure from a 10kW single cabinet all the way up to 10MW deployments. Customers vary across all industries, with a common desire for disaster safe, scalable and affordable data center colocation.

Colocation solutions offer space, security, cooling, power and bandwidth for their data infrastructure. Businesses then typically purchase, configure, and maintain all their hardware. Other solutions may involve C7’s Cloud & IT Services division to assist or provide cloud resources.

  • Redundant N+1 infrastructure
  • Multiple Tier 1 network carriers – 10Gb ports
  • Cold-aisle containment systems for high power density computing
  • SSAE 16 and PCI/HIPAA compliance
  • Support staff on-site 24/7/365, and remote hands to assist
  • Located in disaster safe geography and low power cost area
  • Specialized colocation solutions to meet your requirements
  • Hyperscalable facilities to meet your future growth needs

GP2 Colocation Data Center Floor

Colocation for PCI and HIPAA Requirements

C7 undergoes strict audits to ensure that your data infrastructure is PCI and HIPAA compliant for requirements relating to data centers. Attestation by the auditors and additional information may be requested for C7 to supply as required for businesses to pass their respective audits concerning hardware located in C7’s data center facilities.

Colocation for High Power Usage Hardware

A major trend in server colocation is the increasingly dense hardware platforms that require ever more power. C7 see’s a day where 100kW of hardware can fill a cabinet. C7 has prepared for the future of colocation by designing data center facilities that can scale and flex with the market demands.

Colocation for Archival and Storage Data

Not all parts of your data infrastructure require five nines of uptime, and C7 has a cost saving data center colocation solution that can help you right-size where your infrastructure resides depending on their requirements for uptime.

Colocation for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

In today’s connected world, every business should have a backup plan for their data infrastructure. Any amount of downtime could cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars. C7 has strategically built it’s data center facilities in disaster safe locations with low disaster risk profiles and low power costs – giving your colocated infrastructure the best opportunity to avoid downtime due to natural disasters.

Colocation for Cloud Computing

Cloud service providers leverage the absolute most that they can out of their cloud servers. C7 understands that there may be thousands or tens of thousands of customers on your cloud platforms hosted in our facilities. If you experience downtime, you could go out of business. C7 has built in redundancies in networking, power and cooling infrastructure that allow you to highly leverage your cloud hardware without the threat of downtime due to traffic spikes that the data center couldn’t handle, or 100 degree weather days that makes the facility 10 degrees warmer and decreases your hardware performance and lifetime.

GP2-floor cage space

Research to improve Colcation

C7 is engaged in research to improve data center colocation, from a cost perspective as well as a performance and user experience perspective. In fact, C7 even partnered with BYU to conduct an active noise control study to see if there was any way to reduce the data center noise without introducing flammable materials into the facility. See image here of the testing.

Motivations for colocation with C7

Are you a company located in San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Irvine, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego or Orange County? If so, then you need to get your data infrastructure off of the fault line and away from expensive power rates and colocate to a C7 data center in Utah where power costs are low (so data center colocation costs are low) and the disaster risk profile is one of the lowest in the nation. Some California companies host their data infrastructure in Phoenix or Las Vegas for server colocation of their primary site or for hosting their disaster recovery site. While the disaster risk profile is low, both Phoenix and Las Vegas can’t leverage the free air cooling that C7 does in Utah, nor are their power rates as low. Utah really is the right place for data center colocation.

“We are pleased to partner with such a high-caliber and well managed data center provider to offer our customers a state of the art data center facility that delivers high performance, availability, as well as excellent security and reliability.”

Jeff Hunsaker, President UK2 Group U.S. Operations