These investors provide guidance and a financial foundation to propel C7 through various stages of growth and success.



Signal Peak Ventures is a traditional early-stage venture capital firm with over $450 million of committed capital under management. Specifically, we target information technology and life sciences companies headquartered in the Rocky Mountain region. We look for companies with the potential to transform their markets and create lasting value. Our primary areas of focus include enterprise software, networking and communications, security software, Internet, mobile computing, drug delivery, diagnostics, and medical devices, all markets where the firm has deep experience.

So what makes Signal Peak qualified to help? Experience. Collectively, the Signal Peak team has founded, served as senior officers or board members of over 100 companies. Combined, the team has a history of successful company leadership and private equity investments that span over 60 years. As a result, our team has the resources, decision- making experience, and relationships to meet the demands of today’s entrepreneurs.



Talent follows capital.  The Mountain West has a long history of industry-leading entrepreneurs and landmark technologies leaving the region in order to obtain capital.  Recognizing this problem, Kickstart’s founding team designed a seed fund that would unite the community behind the region’s best entrepreneurs and technologies and create great companies locally.  Since 2008, Kickstart Seed Fund has been doing just that. Under the guidance of founder Gavin Christensen, Kickstart was designed to align the incentives between the major players within the local ecosystem to fund local seed-stage companies.  Kickstart was founded and backed by these same players: local venture capital, angel investor groups, community-minded corporations, and universities.  Today, Kickstart Seed Fund is the most active seed investor in Utah and is helping launch tomorrow’s next major technology companies.



Cougar Capital is a student-run venture capital and private equity fund run by 2nd-year MBA students at the Marriott School at Brigham Young University.

Cougar Capital partners with venture capital and private equity firms and becomes a member of the syndicate team conducting due diligence on potential investments. When appropriate, Cougar Capital will co-invest with the industry partners in the deal.

Started in 2005, Cougar Capital has produced alumni currently working in private equity, venture capital, investment banking, and award-winning entrepreneurial startups. Forbes magazine recently designated Cougar Capital as one of the most innovative business classes in America.